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Democrats Stifle Debate

House Democrats muzzle GOP on sensitive issues

People with Republican Senators are being deprived of representation that is defined in the Constitution and also deprives states of “States Rights”.

Each time a new example is found it will be posted here.

Republicans complain that unless a member of their party is one of the 60 members of the Appropriations Committee, he is essentially blocked from having any say in shaping the budget.

“That simply disenfranchises most of the members of this body,” said Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

When Representatives are disenfranchised, their constituents are deprived of representation.

The Health Administration Bureau

This site takes a satirical look at what health care might be like in 2015, when “private insurance mysteriously went bankrupt … following the institution of a “public” health coverage option”.

The Health Administration Bureau

There’s a short video, “Health Rations for You” , in 1950s newsreel style, explaining how rationing would affect everybody.





This is from their “Report on Reality” page, where they take a serious look at the problems rationing will present.

When health services are “free,” demand naturally rises. Governments must deal with the demand on resources, staff, doctors and hospitals by limiting what is available. Not to mention, since government is paying for people’s health services with their money – tax dollars – its up to government to decide how that money is spent.

Health services rationing happens almost naturally. In fact, its become a way of life in Canada, Britain and many other countries. Patients under these rationing systems eventually forgo all of their choice in matters of health care, are forced to wait in long lines and endure sub-standard treatment.

Petition Congress
Free Our Health Care Now

The petition on this site asks Congress to “stop any increased role of the government on my health care ‘, “protect my right to choose my own doctors and hospitals”, and “to have health insurance that … best suits my needs”:


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