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There’s about as much “reality” in the White House’s response to criticism as there is in some reality shows. House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has a response: White House “Reality Check” Website on Health Care Full of Errors, Misstatements, Falsehoods

He cites Five polls:

  • WSJ/NBC: … 46% disapprove of Obama’s handling of health care, 41% approval, 13% said they weren’t sure.
  • NPRl: “… 47 percent was opposed… 42 percent … in favor,…”
  • New York Times/CBS News poll: “President Obama’s ability to shape the debate on health care appears to be eroding …
  • Time Magazine poll: “By significant margins, survey respondents said they believe the final health-reform legislation is likely to raise health-care costs in the long run (62 percent), make everything about health care more complicated (65 percent) and offer less freedom to choose doctors and coverage (56 percent).”
  • Gallup poll: “Would healthcare reform increase your own healthcare costs”? 45% yes.

Boehner refutes three of the Administration’s claims:

  • CLAIM: If You Like It, You Can Keep Your Health Care Plan.
    • Wrong:

      An independent study conducted by the Lewin Group predicted that 114 million Americans may be forced out of their current health care coverage, including more than 106 million Americans who currently have employer-provided health care.

  • CLAIM: Medicare Will Not Face Cuts Under Democrats’ Plan.
    • Wrong.

      An independent analysis of the House Democrats’ government-run plan shows the legislation slashes Medicare to the tune of $361.9 billion.

  • CLAIM: Reform Will Benefit Small Business – Not Burden It.
    • Wrong again.

      “NFIB opposes the [Democrats’ bill] because it threatens the viability of our nation’s job creators, fails to increase access and choice to all small businesses, destroys choice and competition for private insurance and fails to address the core challenge facing small businesses – cost.”


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August 11, 2009 at 5:59 pm

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