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53 New Bureaucracies

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Obama’s disastrous health-care plan creates 53 new bureaucracies

Here’s a sample:

  • Health Benefits Advisory Committee (Section 123, p. 30)
  • Health Choices Administration (Section 141, p. 41)

That’s the big one – the one that drives the whole plan. (See the talk by Texas Congressman Kevin Brady.)

  • Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund (Section 207, p. 109)
  • Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research (Section 1401(a), p. 502)
  • Public Health Workforce Corps (Section 2231, p. 898)
  • Grant program to support the operation of school-based health clinics (Section 2511, p. 993)

Follow that first link to find the rest of the 53 new bureaucracies – all of which will have to be funded, and all of which will act just like all other bureaucracies: they will spend more money every year, pass countless regulations to micromanage our health care, and generally make for bigger government.


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August 17, 2009 at 10:01 am

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