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Sept 8 school day

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For many school districts, Sept 8 is the first day. Many others have been in school for a week or so. A few others, like Los Aneles Unified, and the Boston schools, don’t start until the next day.

The President has decided to give a little “pep talk” to students on the 8th. More than a few parents are concerned that the President is going to be talking directly to their children, rather than with a televised address to the whole family.

Here is what parents and guardians and interested citizens can do to keep children out of this session or to encourage keeping students out of future planned Presidential addresses. Some people are directly involved because they have kids in public schools or are related to school age kids. Some people are interested citizens.

(1) Find out if opting out is possible and do what is required to keep your children out of the session.

(2) Contact your school board and state your dismay and opposition to this session.

(3) Attend the session with your children in their classroom and with the teacher when the session is

(4) Investigate Home Schooling. There are many organizations and helps for those who Home School.
There is more than one style of home schooling. There are ways subjects can be learned by students when parents and guardians are not expert in those subjects.

(5) Consider a private school. There are many private schools of different types. These need parental involvement as much as Public Schools. Be sure that the school fits your personal expectations.

(6) Call the local office of your Congressional Rep. and politely object to this type of tactic. Mail a short polite written message to the Congressional Rep.’s local and national office. Do the same for both Senators from your state. Email a polite objecion to your Congressional Rep and your Senators.

(7) For those who feel strongly enough about the influence the kids strategy, print leaflets explaining what is going on regarding the in school session and hand those out at a legal location per the rules of your area. Be sure the leaflet has the web sites that are in this message or others that you find.


This type of Presidential address is a technique used in other historical times to reach children in a way that undermines parents, guardians and those who disagree with the current President.

The questions provided for teachers to ask children after the address imply recognition of President and other Government reps as authority figures above all others. All others includes parents and guardians.

That grade levels K through 12 are included is of interest. When in school, kids are a captive audience. Those under these grade levels are not reachable by this method because they are at home or in day care.

(Watch for direct to kids online communications direct from the current President. Parents and Guardians may consider keeping closer watch when kids are online.
Ask when kids are online at school and randomly be there when they are online at school. Randomly being in all kids classes is a good way to keep track of what is going on in the classes.)

This address appears to be part of preparing kids for the acceptance of the current Pres as having special authority over all others.

If there is a second address or more similar addresses, then the addresses may be considered to be for the purpose described above: That the President and Government Reps have authority that supersedes the authority of their parents and guardians.


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September 7, 2009 at 1:35 pm

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