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Three Golden Apples

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Zoge Guest Editorial

In Greek mythology, Atalanta, a huntress, agreed to marry any man who could defeat her in a footrace. Hippomenes outran her when he dropped three golden apples along the race path which Atalanta paused to pick up. Hippomenes won the race.

There are golden apples being thrown onto the path of those who oppose the current Health Care Bill. We mentioned some of these golden apples in the last post:

… insurers would be forbidden from placing lifetime dollar limits on policies …

…denying coverage to children because of pre-existing conditions … [what about the rest of us?]

…canceling policies because someone gets sick….

…Parents would be able to keep older kids on their coverage up to age 26….

As noble and well-meaning as these goals are, they can only drive up the cost of health care. Many want to believe that this is what the bill is about because it sounds so good while it is only a part of the weight that will sink the U.S.

It is not what is said about or what is or is not in the current Health Care Bill that matters. It is the printed bill that is presented after it is legally passed that is signed that is “the” bill.

Given the reported length of the current Health Care Bill, which varies between news reports, it is to begin with very, very long and must in weigh several pounds. (Dark humor — No Paper Reduction Act applied here). Who has a copy of this current Health Care Bill and where is it published online?

The “Reconciliation Bill” is NOT the true bill. It is a group of amendments to the Senate Bill. The House Rules Committee has come up with a method by which they hope to “deem” the House Reconciliation Bill passed so that it will automatically trigger a final pass of the Senate Bill. The plan probably is for the POTUS to then swoop in and sign the Senate bill seconds after the Reconciliation bill is deemed to be passed. (Hoping that the Senate has also agreed that it is passed.)

(More dark humor — The speed that the socialist Democrats want could backfire here. One would want to be signing the correct pieces of paper. )


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March 21, 2010 at 1:12 pm

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