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Monday night, in Los Angeles, Obama said

“President Obama told a Hollywood fundraiser Monday night that he and congressional Democrats have passed the most progressive legislation in decades. “

He said that as if it were a good thing. We know, though, that “progressive” is the current word for “socialist”.

Besides announcing in unmistakable terms his devotion to socialism, he generated a world-class traffic jam in West Los Angeles. His arrival was carefully timed to coincide with afternoon rush-hour traffic (which under the best circumstances, is not nearly as much fun as a root-canal). Thousands of people were stuck in traffic for up to four hours.

“The massive traffic jam that resulted from President Obama’s motorcade and speech Monday night in Hancock Park is prompting calls for an investigation from some residents, who say they were caught in traffic for hours. “

“I can’t believe they did it during rush hour on a Monday.”

The next day, his departure was cleverly timed to coincide with morning rush-hour traffic.

Los Angeles voted heavily for Obama in 2008 – you’d think they’d be overjoyed to be stuck in traffic for four hours for their Golden Boy.


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August 17, 2010 at 4:47 pm

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