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African Americans for Obama

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African Americans for Obama is part of Obama’s website.

He leaves off the hyphen. I wonder if that’s significant.

I suppose we can look forward to Romneys’ “White Americans for Mitt”.

Check the Obama page under “Groups”:

“Environmentalists for Obama
A place for environmentalists to organize and speak out in support of President Obama and his environmental accomplishments.”

“Latinos for Obama”

“Native Americans for Obama
A place for Native Americans to organize and speak out in support of President Obama and his accomplishments.”

“People of Faith for Obama
Welcome to People of Faith for Obama, an online home to bring people of many different faiths together through shared values and a commitment to tolerance. The President believes people of all faiths have a place in American public life.”

Just so long as you accept his stand on abortion, birth control, end-of-life counseling, and adoption policies.

“Seniors for Obama”

“Women for Obama”

Read all about Julia.

“Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders”

“Educators for Obama”

That one’s a slam-dunk.

“Jewish Americans for Obama”
“President Obama has been and will continue to be an advocate and ally on issues important to the American Jewish community.”

Just so long as they don’t mention Israel.

For some odd reason, this item is on that page:

1. “Young Americans ages 18 through 26 can now stay on their parents’ insurance plans.
2. Insurance companies now offer many preventive services for free, including flu shots, checkups, cancer screenings, and cholesterol checks.”

[… and more]

“Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama
“The work that we’ve done with respect to the LGBT community I think is just profoundly American and is at the heart of who we are.”— President Obama”

“Nurses for Obama
We hope you’ll use this space to get involved with the campaign’s work with nurses, contribute your ideas [Ed note: and your money], and help tell the story of how nurses are shaping this movement.”

Probably #2 behind teachers.

“Rural Americans for Obama”

“Veterans & Military Families for Obama
Welcome to the Veterans and Military Families for Obama online home—… Since day one, President Obama has made it a priority to keep the sacred trust we hold with those who wear the uniform of the United States and their families. Join us today as we continue to better serve those who have served this nation.”

“Young Americans for Obama”

I don’t think he’s left anybody out. How about “Midgets for Obama”?

Here’s something on another part of the site that will certainly give your leg a tingle:

“Cup of joe – With Joe”
“Want to have a cup of coffee sometime soon?

“I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about, but mainly I just want to say thanks for helping out.

“Make a donation to grow this grassroots campaign, and be automatically entered for the chance to come hang out — flight, hotel, and coffee on us. You can even bring a guest.”

That might go over about as well as “Dinner With Obama”. At least at that one, they got dinner.

In several places on the Obama site, they’re playing the “poor me” card:

“The spending on the other side this year is literally unprecedented.”

On the other hand, we don’t have people like George Clooney hosting $40,000 dinners for the Great One – both here and abroad. (Apologies to Jackie Gleason for pre-empting his title.)


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